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Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

We service most towns/cities in Cumberland, Oxford and Androscoggin counties.

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Our Spring/Summer Saturday hours, starting April 1st through August 31st, will be as follows: 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. We are ALWAYS available by phone 24/7 (207-743-0911)

A couple of quick and easy ways to beat the heat this summer!!

DIY Air Conditioner

Odds are if you don’t have A/C, you at least have a fan in your house. Grab some ice water and put it in a bowl, or soak a towel. Place the bowl in front of the fan and the towel over it – either or both of these will add moisture to the air blowing in your direction, cooling you more sufficiently. Try hanging a wet sheet in front of the window if it’s a breezy day for even more cool air!

Freeze your sheets

I know – you’re saying to yourself, what? Are you serious? And yes, we are – try zipping up your sheets in a plastic bag and placing them in the freezer for a bit before you go to bed. It may be a bit chilly when you first lie down, but you’ll definitely be a lot cooler, at least before the heat catches up to you again.


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Our office is located at 5 Harrison Road, Norway.


                                                           The future office of Crooked River Heating & A/C, LLC!!

                                                                  We will be moving into our new place at the end of this summer!!


IMG_0138  Darren installing the condenser portion of the Daikin Air Conditioning unit



Crooked River Heating & A/C, LLC

Welcome to Crooked River Heating & A/C’s website and we look forward to being your heating and air conditioning installation and service provider.  We provide installations and service in most towns/cities located in Cumberland, Oxford and Androscoggin counties. We provide Tune Ups, Installations & 24/7 Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Service!!


HVAC Apprentice and Service Technician Openings

If you are not afraid of hard work, would like to learn a trade or continue with this trade and have a valid Maine Driver’s License, stop into our office at 5 Harrison Road, Norway and pick up a detailed job description and an application for either position!

Crooked River Heating & A/C, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is a tobacco free, alcohol free and drug free company.



Crooked River Heating & A/C, LLC is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free and drug-free company and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.****


**Are you looking to compare different heating options for your home/camp?  Click on the link below and Efficiency Maine will assist you in making a decision:


     Our Annual Cleaning Special has begun!  Watch your mailbox for the Annual Tune Up Special postcard that will be mailed out on March 30, 2018.  As soon as you receive your postcard, give us a call to schedule your cleaning as our calendar fills up very quickly.  Not on our mailing list?  Give us a call and we will take right care of that for you!!  Don’t see your heating/air conditioning unit on our postcard?  To check out the pricing on other products, click on the Services tab and then click on Specials or give us a call!!


Have no heat/hot water????  Here are a few things for you to check that may save you a service call:

*Is the emergency switch turned on?

*Do you have oil/propane in the tank?

*Check the house fuses/circuit breakers to make sure nothing has tripped

*Make certain that all furnace venting is clear (roof vent cleared of any obstructions, direct vent from side of house cleared of any blockages)

*If a Miller furnace, make certain the door is shut tightly

*DO NOT push the reset button more than once as the oil will build up in the chamber and could cause more problems

If after checking the above and you still have no heat, do not hesitate to call us!  207-743-0911

 FREE estimates!  Call today (207-743-0911) or use the online form under the Contact Us tab to set up an appointment.

Would you like to be able to set your heat from your computer or smart phone?  Imagine if you live out of state and you are on your way to your house in Maine, you can log into your account and raise the temperature so your house will be nice and warm.  Or you have started back home and remembered that you forgot to turn the temperature down….use your smart phone to take care of the issue!!  Give us a call to discuss this fantastic feature!