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We service most towns/cities in Cumberland, Oxford and Androscoggin counties.

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Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri   7:30 am to 4:00 pm

We are always available by phone 24/7 for emergency service!  Please call 207-743-0911 for assistance.

Our 2021 Annual Tune-Up Special has ended, however, you can still get your heating system cleaned.  Just give us a call!



Our 2022 wall calendars are here!!  Stop by the office during normal business hours and pick one or more up!  If you are not able to get to the office, just give us a call and we can mail a calendar to you!






Update…..our grocery bag quantity is getting quite low (out of 100 that we ordered, we have about a dozen left), so if you would like one or more bags, please stop by!

Well we have jumped on the grocery bag band wagon!!  Need reusable grocery bags?  Stop into our office during normal business hours and get yours!  FREE!!!!  Not many things are FREE anymore….but we know that having to pay $.05 for every bag can add up quickly and it may only be a nickel to some, but for some a nickel can be a lot!

Have no heat/hot water????  Here are a few things for you to check that may save you a service call:

*Is the emergency switch turned on?  There should be two switches.  One on the furnace/boiler and one in the stairway or outside the room where the furnace/boiler is located.  Many mobile homes only have the emergency switch by the back door, close to the furnace.

*If you are having hot water issues in just your shower, you may need to contact a plumber as the mixing valve may be bad.  If you are having hot water issues in the entire home, please give us a call.

*Do you have oil/propane in the tank?  *If your oil tank is an outside tank, make sure that the filter canister is not frozen.  Placing a heat tape around the filter canister will assist in keeping the canister/filter from freezing.

*Check the house fuses/circuit breakers to make sure nothing has tripped

*Make certain that all furnace venting is clear (roof vent cleared of any obstructions, direct vent from side of house cleared of any blockages).  If you snow blow, aim the shoot away from any side venting you have for your heating system.  The smallest amount of snow can cause condensation and cause the heating system not to run.  If the heating system cannot properly vent the fumes, the fumes could end up back into the home.

*If a Miller furnace, make certain the door is shut tightly

*DO NOT push the reset button more than once as the oil will build up in the chamber and could cause more problems.

If after checking the above and you still have no heat/hot water, do not hesitate to call us!  207-743-0911

If you are looking to get A/C installed for 2022, please give us a call for an estimate and make certain you have your job scheduled before the end of March!  Yes, that may sound ridiculous to some, but our Spring/Summer/Fall calendar gets booked up very quickly. 

With the mouse nests that we have been finding in the A/C condensors this year, we suggest that you get your A/C unit cleaned and tested in late April/early May so that when A/C season starts, you will not be waiting for a service call when it is 90° out!

Are you planning on doing renovations or new construction in 2022?  If so, NOW is the time to call us for a quote as our calendar is booking up quickly for quotes as well as installations.  Call  207-743-0911 and let’s get your quote/job scheduled today!

With COVID still in existence, we hope that everyone is still staying safe! We are here to help our customers (existing and new) in whatever way we can! Our technicians are still taking precautions and wearing masks and gloves when they enter a home, if asked.  The trucks are stocked with hand sanitizer, plenty of gloves and boot covers, to protect everyone involved. 


Would you like to be able to set your heat and/or air conditioning from your computer or smart phone?  Imagine if you live out of state and you are on your way to your house in Maine, you can log into your account and raise or lower the temperature so your house will be nice and warm when you arrive.  Or you have started back home and remembered that you forgot to turn the temperature down….use your smart phone to take care of the issue!!  Give us a call to discuss this fantastic feature!

Would you like to have an email and text alert when your oil tank is getting low?  We have the answer….….Smart Oil Gauge (Wi-Fi Ultrasonic Heating Oil Gauge).  The Smart Oil Gauge works with any Smartphone, Tablet or PC!  For more information, go to:


Our office location is:  11 Mechanic Falls Road, Suite 5, Oxford!



Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri   7:30 am to 4:00 pm

We are always available by phone 24/7!  Please call 207-743-0911 for assistance.




Daikin and Mitsubishi Heat Pump Display Units


Empire Cast Iron Decorative Propane Stove


Stop into our office and see the other products we have on display! 

 Crooked River Heating & A/C, LLC

Welcome to Crooked River Heating & A/C’s website and we look forward to being your heating and air conditioning installation and service provider.  We provide installations and service in most towns/cities located in Cumberland, Oxford and Androscoggin counties. We provide Tune Ups, Installations & 24/7 Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Service!!



**Are you looking to compare different heating options for your home/camp?  Click on the link below and Efficiency Maine will assist you in making a decision:


 FREE estimates!  Call today (207-743-0911)or use the online form under the Contact Us tab to set up an appointment.

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri   7:30 am to 4:00 pm

We are always available by phone 24/7!  Please call 207-743-0911 for assistance.