Responsible Pet Care is a NON-PROFIT, NO KILL NO SUFFER shelter and is such a caring and giving organization for homeless/neglected pets!  The love they provide to these animals is amazing!  Are you looking for a doggie or a kitty?  RPC certainly has a variety to choose from and all ages too!  If you love kitties but cannot have one, there are a lot of kitties at the shelter that would love for you to stop by and pat them!  If you stop by and visit the shelter, you may see a doggie or two out in the play yard!  They get very excited when they see visitors come….they hope they are going to be picked as a new furry family member!  Want to know more about Responsible Pet Care, click on this link to their website:  You can also find them on Facebook!

If you haven’t visited the Kitty Community Room at the shelter yet, stop by!  Nothing to take the day’s stress away better than sitting and patting a loving kitty.