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Services available for propane, natural gas, oil and air conditioning equipment:

Sales, Service and Installation on:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Boilers/Furnaces
  • Monitor style not brand  heaters
  • On demand water heaters/hot water storage tanks/indirect water heaters
  • Decorative fireplaces/stoves
  • Propane Appliances (propane ranges, permanent gas grill hook ups, etc. – (installation only)
  • Boiler/hot water combination
  • Radiant heat/snow melt
  • Pool heaters
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini-Splits
  • any many more!  Contact us today if what you want is not listed!  We can certainly help!


Annual Tune Up

An annual tune up (cleaning) will consist of the following: Brush and vacuum the interior of the unit, change the oil filter, replace the pump strainer, replace the nozzle, replace the air filter (warm air units), check the blower belt (warm air units), oil all motors (if applicable). Perform an efficiency test and check the overall system for possible repairs that may be needed.  We also make certain that any code violations are brought to your attention.


We are temporarily unavailable for 24 hour emergency service on heating (natural gas, propane and oil) and air conditioning service!